Hot Air Balloon

This story has an adventure followed by a lesson.

Kids are eagerly waiting for this weekend. The parents of Ray and Roy promised them a joy ride in a hot-air balloon. It’s the most awaited day; Ray and Roy are already in queue waiting for their turn. Ray is 8 and Roy is 6 years old. They were too young to go alone, so their parents also accompanied them. The parents repeatedly reminded them of safety and security instructions; Ray and Roy were sick of instructions because of excitement.

It’s their turn now. They impatiently ran and jumped into the basket of the hot-air balloon. In a rush; they pulled out the rope and balloon took off leaving their parents on the ground. Captain of the balloon, parents, and the guards started following Roy and Ray’s balloon. It thrilled them in clouds, with the wind. They felt as if they were flying with birds.

The happiness turned into fear. They realized their mistake and started screaming for help. Ballon, due to low on the gas, landed on the tree and crushed badly within branches. Luckily, the kids were safe in the basket. It was someone’s backyard where the kids landed. Because of the loud noise, a lady came out of the house to check. She saved kids who were trembling out of fear. The lady gave a tight hug to make them comfortable, offered water, some juice, and cookies.

Boys, after being comfortable, narrated the story. The lady informed their parents shared her location so they can come and pick up the kids. The boys feared facing their parents and realized their mistake. The lady gently and kindly assured the boys that their parents will be more worried about their safety than mad about their mistake. Their mistake was definitely not at all acceptable, but they learned a lesson. The lady was so sure about the parent’s reaction; she told kids to stay calm and just say sorry to parents with a nice hug .

Finally, parents reached, they found their kids safe, thanked God and the lady for taking care of them. They had tears when they hugged kids. Kids while leaving gave a big smile of satisfaction to the lady.

So did you see dear friends, we learned three lessons:

  • Adventures thrills but safety is a must.
  • Impatience leads to problems.
  • The parent’s love is always on top of every situation. Think before you judge them.

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