Act of Kindness

The story is very simple but has a big lesson.
Let’s find out together.
One day two friends were playing under the tree. They suddenly heard the chirping of birds above. Yes, there was a nest.
In a few seconds, the momma bird came closer to the girls as if she wanted to say something. Yes, she needed help, as the baby bird had fallen down on the ground while learning to fly. Girls followed the direction and found out where the baby bird was. They wanted help from an adult but there was no one so they decided to do it themselves as the baby bird was in danger. Olivia was tall, she stood with the baby bird in her hand, and Hazel tried climbing the tree with the support of branches. Finally, she did it, Olivia lifted the bird as high as she can and Hazel gently put the bird back in the nest.

Yeah! Yeah! Girls were so happy and dancing around the tree celebrating their success. 
And the momma bird thanked them as well by showering flowers on them.

So, friends; we tend to run away from the situation thinking we cannot do it; we find an excuse. We should look up to Olivia and Hazel, who found their way to help out of their kindness. They used their strength.
So what do you select? Runaway or facing the challenge with patience and identifying your strength?

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