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How to Think for Yourself, Make Good Decisions, and Stand Up to Peer Pressure.

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How to Think for Yourself, Make Good Decisions, and Stand Up to Peer Pressure

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Hima Shah

Mentor and Coach

Hello Friends! I am Ms Hima.
For me, every child is a special star. I believe if we nurture kids with values; it brings a successful and happy life and their vision becomes clear. They can set their objectives at every stage of life and make informed decisions. I am a teacher; have been working with Elementary, Middle and High School students for past 10 years. I write stories and articles for kids of all ages that helps them build emotional intelligence and social resilience.
I am a mother of two daughters, my journey as a child life coach started with them, they are my source of passion towards childhood development. I have studied a Business and Marketing and I am a Private Pilot License holder. I started developing interest in child development especially; building their emotional intelligence and social resilience when my 2nd daughter was entering in the elementary school in London, UK. She needed great amount of support for adopting to the new environment; that’s when I realized that just motivation is not enough. I started teaching kids of her age group back in London and continued my journey of teaching in the USA when we moved in 2016. My Wisdom Coach Certificate is a build upon my background in education.
I do in-person and online small group workshops as well as 1:1 mentoring. It will be my pleasure to welcome all in my group coaching and 1:1 sessions, build your ring of confidence, develop soaring self-esteem and learn to rule your mind and control your emotions. I would love to take the opportunity to help your child find solutions for the obstacles, strengthen their roots of knowledge, and lead them to be achievers with happiness in life.


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Short Stories.

  • The story is very simple but has a big lesson.Let’s find out together.One day two friends were playing under the tree. They suddenly heard the chirping of birds above. Yes, there was a nest.In a few seconds, the momma bird came closer to the girls as if she wanted to say something. Yes, she needed

  • This story has an adventure followed by a lesson. Kids are eagerly waiting for this weekend. The parents of Ray and Roy promised them a joy ride in a hot-air balloon. It's the most awaited day; Ray and Roy are already in queue waiting for their turn. Ray is 8 and Roy is 6 years old.

Kids will miss your fun toys!

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and our kids! They enjoyed your sessions and learnt a lot from you. They are going to miss your fun toys!"

We feel lucky to have you Ms. Hima

"Hard to imagine this past year without you Hima! We are so very lucky to found you for our kids mentoring."

Stellar Experience with Ms. Hima

“The experience with Ms. Shah was stellar since the first communication. She is kind, patient and hears your issues, and provides great insight, ideas and solutions. I had tried several methods to motivate my teenager, and in one hour she provided strategies that I have already successfully implemented at home. In the short time of implementing, my teenager has been responding very well to my new way of motivating him. I am beyond grateful to have connected with Ms. Shah.”

Amazing Experience

"Hima was my Kindergartener’s teacher / mentor for 8 months. She was an absolute blessing during a very difficult and stressful time due to Covid-19. She taught him in a wonderful way and was able to address each child’s unique temperament and academic level in our pod. My son loves her so much as she was also very nurturing but at the same time pushed him and disciplined him when needed. I would never hesitate to recommend Hima!"


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